Roberto Taufic/Luigi Tessarollo DUO

“Two absolutely first rate guitar players”

This project allows you to know the artists in a new and original way. They present a repertoire that merges and supplements their different  stylistic connotations worked out in different but like minded artistical experience. Their mutual interest for brasilian and jazz music, fo the mediterranean melodies and unusual rhythms, permitted this union and the accomplishment of a repertoire in which the choice and the performance of the pieces lets stand out their different expressive personalities from the compositional point of view as well as arranging and improvisation.

The sound of the duo is based  on the contrasts of the instruments they use, with the combination of sonorities both acoustic and electric. The music they play has mediterranean, jazz and latin connotations and shows originals pieces composed for two guitars by Tessarollo and Taufic, plus some arrangements of melodies by well known composers (Gerswhin, Lobo, Parker, Diaz …)

”The guitar is an instrument which was born before the piano, this we must admit. If only for this reason, pianists must show respect to the guitar Masters. This is why I am wearing a hat. Only so that I can later prosaically take it off before Tessarollo and Taufic who in this record are united in creating good music, rather than being in conflict. The exact opposite of what many jazz musicians did in the past, often playing together for the taste of discovering which of the two was to outclass the other. Incredible, then…especially for those who know the enormous ego which generally accompanies the guitarist’s figure…! Might Tessarollo and Taufic thus be inaugurating a tradition? Honestly, let’s hope not: it is hard to repeat an accomplishment of this kind if one does not have the sensitivity and desire to question oneself of the two that you are about to listen to.”
 (Stefano Bollani)

“The new cd by Luigi Tessarollo and Roberto Taufic is simply beautiful. Full of great tunes/interplay and also beautifully recorded. A real treat for the ears. I recommend it highly”
(John Abercrombie/New York)