Roberto Taufic / Cristina Renzetti / Gabriele Mirabassi

Agreste” is the second album of the trio formed by the clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi, the guitarist Roberto Taufic and the singer Cristina Renzetti. After the experience of “Correnteza“, the first album dedicated to the refined repertoire of the great Antonio Carlos Jobim, the trio now ventures the Brazilian “interior” in search of its rural (agreste) soul. The musical itinerary continues through the mountains of Central Italy and arrives in Sardinia, the great Italian island, land of shepherds and wild nature.

“Agreste” is the diary of a journey that lasted years of musical correspondences and more, to explore the deep roots, the connections with the land, the ultimate needs. A return journey, inward, an interior journey. The three musicians handle this popular material focusing on the values of chamber music and the care of sound, deep respect for the text and, at the same time, the freedom and inclination to dialogue and listening, typical of their common jazz background.

Photo by Agostino Mela

The trio is composed by the italian clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi, who stirs with equal boldness both in the classical music and in the jazz and in the last years has been developing a deep search on the South American popular music. The Italian singer Cristina Renzetti who after her long musical and professional experience in Rio de Janeiro is considered today one of the most expert interpreters of the Brazilian repertoire in Italy and the Brazilian guitarist and composer Roberto Taufic who has been sharing his life between Brazil and Italy collaborating with numerous internationally renowned artists.

– Trio Correnteza’s YouTube playlist