Roberto Taufic

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Roberto Taufic & Eduardo Taufic DUO: BateRebate

Live video

“Two brothers as rarely seen. They show us just how much they love each other through their chords, melodies, silences, gestures, tears, laughter and musical guffaws. And they converse in such a beautiful way, with a crystal clear love that flows from heart to heart without interference or filters. The voice of their instruments is natural, necessary and clear: sound that beats, sound that responds, resonates and resonates again in the soul of the listener. This is good music, made with lots of love, talent, attention, rigor and spontaneity.” (André Mehmari)

“Brothers Roberto and Eduardo, twins in music, are simply genius. Only twins can play, breathe, transpire and play with such a range of dynamics as they are capable of doing in their concerts. It’s an honor for the entire Brazilian music world to see that Brazil produces such amazingly talented musicians. I hereby declare myself a complete fan of these accomplished twins in both in their musicality and sensibility.”

(Roberto Menescal)

Roberto Taufic, Eles & Eu

A true artist well known in the Italian, European and South-American panorama, in 25 years Roberto has collaborated with a long list of musicians, performed in the most important jazz festival, and released 11 albums as leader, 20 as sideman and 16 as producer/arranger. His latest “Eles & Eu” (They and I) is an intimate, passionate, virtuoso solo work, a double cd containing the most renowned standards of brasilian music as well as original compositions.

“Atlânticos” with Ricardo Silveira

“Terras” – Duo Taufic & Barbara Casini

TERRAS cover

 “JUST JAZZ GUITAR” by Bill Piburn (USA 2012)

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NEW CD with G. Maurino “Um abraço no Jobim”

Khrystal e Roberto Taufic


“A rare guitarist, totally possessed by art; he plays the “music of notes”, he communicates with the invisible; in a deeply moving event in which everything depends on the guitar as the interpreter of words that would seem impossible to be uttered by an instrument. Thank you Roberto, music thanks you!” (Guinga)

“Roberto is a complete musician. He has impeccable technique for the essence of music, an intense harmonic acquaintance and an incredible sense of rhythm.  Actually, where rhythm is concerned, it has to be emphasized that Roberto comes from the northeast of Brazil and has profoundly assimilated all the rhythm elements of that region, like the samba-de-côco, the baião, the xote, the frevo and the maracatu. This custom has been transformed into a great musical bag that gives place to his expression and character. Now Roberto surprises us with an extremely high quality new project. He has opted to express himself in the more transparent form – guitar only – and has chosen a balanced repertoire of the finest caliber. Besides this, he introduces his musical thoughts through original compositions and personal arrangements and explores, in a special way, the orchestral aspects of his instrument. “The guitar is a small orchestra”, once quoted by a great French composer. Here the guitar alone succeeds to represent the more popular methods between the numerous combinations. A whole orchestra exists in the guitar and through this it is possible to grasp every timbre shading and every harmonic moment. This is the new project by Roberto: clean, transparent and with extremely good taste. I am very happy, honoured and emotional to be collaborating in the release of this high level CD.  Good luck Roberto!” (Marco Pereira)

“I loved the CD and I loved your playing when we were together in Germany. Your singing is great, too, it’s an integral part of your playing.  You have a great touch and a beautiful sense of rythm and of course you are very lyrical without neglecting your technique. So, you are a complete musician, a complete composer and arranger and on the whole you have a very, very bright future! I can’t wait to hear you again and see how you will have progressed.” (L. Coryell)

”Your recording is excellent and your sound is beautiful. I am very, very impressed. Congratulations Roberto! An incredible piece of work. (Robert Godin)